The Stencil Buddy 2.0


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The Stencil Buddy 2.0

Looking for a cool, colorful way to hold your stencils while decorating? Look no further!! After months of testing, The Stencil Buddy 2.0 is here!! This one piece stencil holder is designed for 1/4″ cookies. Included is an adapter for 3/8″ cookies! The Stencil Buddy 2.0 is designed to be ambidextrous! Works with standard 5.5″ stencils. Works with silkscreen stencils as well!!


Rare earth magnets – Holds The Stencil Buddy 2.0 closed tight with your stencil in place!

Hinged design – The Stencil Buddy 2.0 is a one piece design. No more misplacing different parts!

Adapter plate – For thicker 3/8″ cookies

Ambidextrous design – Left handed, or right handed, The Stencil Buddy 2.0 is easy to use for both!

Opening tabs make it easy to open and swap stencils quickly.

Plus its colorful!!!

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 1 in


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